Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chris talks Gymkommentary on Crank!

Don't worry, folks, this isn't a drug-fueled rant (I've put that all behind me now...) To hold you all over on some more sweet, sweet Gymkommentary action, check out an appearance I did on fellow comic artist Mike Norton's super-cool podcast, The Crankcast, where I talked quite a bit about th' Gymkomm. We also talked about Superman III, why "Special Edition" DVD's are the "I'm sorry, baby"(s) of cinema, and bad movies in general, giving me some good ideas for future skewerings.

For those of you that miss the Gymkommentary, or the dulcet tones of my velvety voice, check it out: Crankcast, Episode 120-- Moreno A-Go-Go!