Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gymkommentary 4 is on the way...

It's probably going to take a week or two to get the file cleaned up and uploaded but it's already recorded. Here's your clue:

...and, no, it's not Wayne's World 2.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GYMKOMMENTARY #3.1: Challenge of the Superfriends

The challenge is NOT over!

The Tale of the Tape
Television Show: Challenge of the Super Friends (1978)
Episode: History of Doom
Director: Ray Patterson and Carl Urbano
Runtime: 20 minutes
Genre: Cartoonish Disaster
Stars: Danny Dark, Olan Soule, Casey Kasem
Rated: TV-PG for Graphic Haughty Laughter, Mild Villainous Plotting, and the Utter Destruction of Our Home Planet
IMDb, Wikipedia

To get this CHALLENGE OF THE SUPER FRIENDS GYMKOMMENTARY FILE in your iTunes, open iTunes then go "Advanced" to "Subscribe to Podcast" and then enter this link:


We've already got GYMKOMMENTARY #4 picked out but in the meantime, here's a gymkomm' for another installment of the greatest, most emotionally scarring kids' cartoon of all time: Challenge of the Super Friends. Once again, Chris and I recorded this on opposite coasts so the sound isn't perfect, but we've checked it out and it works just fine.