Monday, February 1, 2010

GYMKOMMENTARY #10: The Stabilizer

Merriam-Webster defines a stabilizer as "a substance added to another substance or to a system (as an emulsion) to prevent or retard an unwanted alteration of physical state."

Merriam-Webster can go eff himself.

Wait, is Merriam-Webster two dudes or one dude with one of those hyphenated last names? Either way, he she or they can go screw. This here is one stabilizer who will NOT stabilize things. He will do the opposite of what the dictionary calls stabilization, then call it stabilization, and make you like it.

The Tale of the Tape
Film: The Stabilizer (1986)
Director: Arizal
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Excessively Violent Action Movie
Stars: Peter O'Brian, Craig Gavin, Indonesian Mr. T, Gillie Beanz
Rated: Unrated for Intense, Over-the-top, Borderline Reckless Violence, Mild Buttcrack Nudity That's Actually Just a Guy's Shoulder, A Scene of Graphic Lizard Eating
IMDb, Wikipedia, The Peter O'Brian Facebook Fan Club

To get this THE STABILIZER GYMKOMMENTARY FILE in your iTunes, open iTunes then go "Advanced" to "Subscribe to Podcast" and then enter this link:

This Indonesian action classic may be our most obscure Gymkommentary subject to date, but I promise: after this movie and this commentary, you will never look at stable things the same way again. A guy who sorta looks like Rambo heads to Asia to blow the holy crap out of stabilize Jakarta, where he fights a guy who sorta looks like Mr. T and another guy who uses golf cleats as a deadly weapon. That Greg Rainmaker, he is the man we hate the most, but The Stabilizer, it is the movie we love almost as much as Gymkata.

NOTE: As of February 1st, 2010, this film is also available to watch on Netflix Instant.


Cole said...

I owe you guys for this one. They had taken The Stabilizer off of netflix when I wanted to watch this so I had to track it down. It cost me a small fortune to buy it from amazon because it was so rare.

All just to listen to my favorite riffers, but damn was it worth it. You guys still got it and are still on a level all your own. My best friend and I listen to your commentary tracks all the time, Gymkata of course is our favorite with Breakin' 2 a close 2nd. But really, they are all great. This one though was very hard to get.

When watching it for some reason we decided it would be fun to hear you guys riff Saw. Ever think of that one? You guys are so eclectic and we feel you could pull it off. So if you ever feel guilty for making us spend our children's college funds to get The Stabilizer, perhaps you can grant us that one wish. Please riff Saw. You'll make 2 people very happy, and probably help us save money for our future children. Think of the children guys.

Matt Singer said...

Thanks Cole. Really appreciate the compliments. Obviously we've been very lax in our Gymkommentary duties lately -- busy with the paying work, and all -- but Chris and I are trying to schedule the next one right now.

We've never discussed SAW before, but it's an intriguing idea. I was watching a movie today that I thought would make a great target as well. We've got a few options, we've just got to make the time to prepare and record. Thanks again.

Skye said...

This rules, I've watched the movie & riff at least a half dozen times already. LOVE IT! Jakartsploitation?