Friday, February 12, 2010

Gymkommentary 11: More Fun Than Fun

Here's your clue as to next month's track, scheduled to go up March 1st:

And, no, we're not doing Heat. That wouldn't be a clue; that would be just telling you what we're doing.

Also, Chris and I picked out April's Gymkommentary target, but after that we have no specific plans. So I throw it to you listeners: what movies would YOU like to have Gymkommentary tracks for?


Derek said...

Easy. Heat is a crime story written by Michael Mann. Michael Mann also wrote several episodes of Crime Story. Crime Story starred Dennis Farina. What is the other big crime story Dennis Farina starred in? Bingo! Gymkommentary 11 is an episode of Law & Order from between 2004 and 2006.

Matt Singer said...

This logic is so good I wish it were true. Unfortunately, it is not.

Derek said...

Dang. How about this: This is Heat 1995, but there was also a Heat 1986, starring Burt Reynolds, where he played the character Mex. "Mex" is the nickname of Keith Hernandez, who is best known in show biz for appearing in the Seinfeld episode "The Boyfriend," which was a parody of the Oliver Stone movie JFK. So Gymkommentary 11 is Oliver Stone's *other* movie about a presidential shooting, the TV movie he produced called The Day Reagan Was Shot.